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You can now track the spread of coronavirus online

You can now track the spread of coronavirus online


The outbreak of coronavirus is an increasing concern for everyone across the globe; not limited only to being affected by the virus, but because of the increasing number of deaths caused by the virus.

Even though China has enforced strict quarantine measures in the affective cities, several reports confirm that there are cases of the coronavirus being reported in other countries as well. Therefore, it is essential to track and be aware of the cases being reported across the world.

For this reason, computer engineers at Johns Hopkins University, have developed an online dashboard to help everyone across the globe track reports about the coronavirus in real-time. The online dashboard, created by Johns Hopkins’ Center for Systems Science and Engineering, displays the number of deaths and infections reported in countries and cities around the world.

At the time of this writing, the dashboard showed 107 deaths, 4,409 confirmed cases in mainland China; eight each in Hong Kong and Thailand; six in Macau; five each in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and the US; four each in Japan, Malaysia and South Korea; three in France; two in Vietnam; and one each in Cambodia, Canada, Germany, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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You can take a look at the dashboard here.

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