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Xenophobia: South Africa resumes attack on foreign nationals

Xenophobia: South Africa resumes attack on foreign nationals

Doris Ukaonu

For about two weeks now, South Africans residing in Keimoes and Upington have been threatening Nigerians and other foreigners living there, to vacate the area.

However, reports from Sahara Reporters yesterday January 23rd, said that the locals in Diepsloot area of Johannesburg,

It was also reported that the attack started a day before, but was controlled by the police.

The locals have been clamoring for foreigners to vacate their community with immediate effect.

Adetola Olubajo, the President of the Nigerian Union South Africa confirmed the incident.

He said, “Angry residents started burning tires and chanting that foreigners must leave the area.

“Police intervention brought some calm, but the violence erupted again this morning.

“The community members want undocumented foreigners to leave the area. They accused foreign nationals of criminal activities and killing of a senior police officer.

“Though there is a heavy police presence in the area, the local residents are not backing down in their demand.”

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He further advised that the area was still tensed and not safe for visiting at the moment.

Xenophobia and anti-immigrant attacks are not new in South Africa. Demonstrators forced hundreds of foreigners from their homes and looted some businesses in Durban in April. They claimed that foreigners had taken jobs that should have been filled by locals.

In 2017, violent anti-immigrant protests broke out in the capital Pretoria and in 2015, several people were killed and thousands fled after xenophobic attacks across the country.

Before now, the most recent xenophobic attack was on September 1, 2019. South Africa’s biggest city, Johannesburg, was struck by an upsurge of xenophobic attack, followed by burgling of foreign businesses/companies in the state. The attack lasted for two days and affected a lot of Nigerians in the city, which triggered the Nigerian government to lead a mass evacuation of Nigerians from the country.

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