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‘Winning an ELOY is a great achievement for any woman’- Tewa Onasanya

‘Winning an ELOY is a great achievement for any woman’- Tewa Onasanya

‘Winning an ELOY is a great achievement for any woman’- Tewa Onasanya

The countdown to the 2019 edition of ELOY Awards (EA) has begun. The prestigious award ceremony peculiar for celebrating women of excellence in their distinguished fields will hold on November 24th, 2019, at Lagos Continental Hotel (formerly Intercontinental Hotel) Victoria Island, Lagos.

The convener of the ELOY Awards and CEO of Exquisite Magazine, Tewa Onasaya, highlights in a recent interview with salient keynotes about the ELOY Awards, spanning from what to expect in the coming edition and future plans.

Onasaya also explicates on birthing the EMAC Walk, her career as a mind stylist, and family.


Q- ELOY Awards has grown to become one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in Nigeria especially for its uniqueness in recognizing women of excellence in their diverse profession, can you enlighten us on why you carved a niche in that area?

We carved a niche in this area because we believe and know that women are doing exceptionally well in different sectors and we want to shine the light on these women. Exquisite Magazine is a woman’s magazine and would better celebrate women than us.


Q- It’s exactly 10 years since the ELOY Awards began in 2009, what should we look forward to in the upcoming 2019 ceremony that distinguishes it from the previous ones?

More greatness. The prestigious ELOY awards have always been exquisite in its delivery of world-class award ceremony so expect more in terms of the quality of the awards, the different unique categories and now, the ELOY conference. This year sees the return of the business seminar as the ELOY conference. The ELOY conference is being used to sustain women empowerment and the theme this year is to empower her to Sustain Her.

Q-Why should every woman aim for the ELOY Awards? Would you consider it a ticket to opening doors in further pursuit of their careers?

Yes, it definitely is. Being nominated for and winning an ELOY is a great achievement for any woman. The ELOYs is unique in its offering as we celebrate All women doing exceedingly well in their fields. These women have shown integrity, character, achieved and they have a direct and indirect impact on their immediate environment and the society at large. The ELOY awards is opening doors for a lot of women. 


Q-Where do you see the ELOY Awards in ten years? Are there future plans to metamorphose it to a global level?

I see the ELOYs being global. Yes we have started working on the template to take it global. So watch this space.

, ‘Winning an ELOY is a great achievement for any woman’- Tewa Onasanya
Convener of the ELOY Awards, Tewa Onasanya


Q- Exquisite Magazine also resonates with fashion, beauty and lifestyle of women, are you strictly all out in support of women or should we expect something about the men from you in the future?

I’m sorry, we are very biased towards women. We have some content for the men but we are focused on the 21st-century unlimited woman. 


Q-Part of your profile reads that you are a mindset stylist, can you enlighten us on that area and how it has been used to benefit lives? 

I’m a mindset stylist, I coach people to be better versions of themselves by re-styling their minds intentionally to live the life they want. See, our lives right now is as a result of our mindset which results in how we think, feel and take action. To change one’s life experiences, one needs to change their thinking, as a mindset stylist, I help people achieve that.


Q- What differentiates your book ‘Rule Your Mind’ from the plethora of inspirational books in bookstores?

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, ‘Winning an ELOY is a great achievement for any woman’- Tewa Onasanya

It’s practical. It’s my life experience in a book. All the tips about how to rule your mind to live the life you desire are tips I have used and they have worked. Fair enough, it might not work for everyone and this is because not everyone is open to new learning. This is new learning. It’s empowerment not motivation or just inspiration.


Q- What birthed the EMAC Walk geared towards increasing the awareness of cervical and breast cancer?

In 2009, I noticed that a lot of women in Nigeria were not being screened for cervical cancer. I also found out that they didn’t know about it either. According to the WHO statistics, one woman dies every hour of cervical cancer in Nigeria and this is a form of cancer that is preventable. We thought that this is highly unacceptable hence the dream of EMAC was birth. Since 2010, we have screened thousands of women free, for cervical cancer. 


Q-You are married with two kids, how has it been shuffling family and career? Can you dish some important tips for women who are looking to take the same path as you someday?

It’s been a fun ride of highs and lows. That’s what life is about but I work as best as I can to make my home and work not suffer for one another. My number one is to make sure all is well on the home front and not focus all attention on the career. Sometimes there are sacrifices that need to be made, the prayer is to know which and when.


Q-What three characteristics would you say you possess and has helped you in breaking grounds in your career?

 Being consistent. Being deliberately intentional about everything I do. Being passionate about everything I do.

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