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Why you should avoid motivational speakers in 2020

Why you should avoid motivational speakers in 2020

Why you should avoid motivational speakers in 2020

If you come across the ‘perspire to aspire’ kind of people in 2020, make sure you’re aware that they do not really have your best interest in mind, which is why you should avoid motivational speakers in 2020.

The new year is going to present numerous opportunities for everyone. Tangible or not, 2020 carries a symbol of hope, newness and reinvention. It’ll also provide motivational speakers a wide range of bullcrap ‘perspire to aspire’ topics to leverage on.

With this kind of once in a decade opportunity, motivational speakers will find the most twisted way to milk unsuspecting victims dry.

“2020 is your year to make millions, pay 2000 to join the train.” This is just one of the poorly constructed copies that we should expect in the New year from motivational speakers.

The worldwide accepted impression is that motivational speakers are people who want to help you achieve greatness, at almost no cost, however, most motivational speakers nowadays just sell garbage in order to find their way into their prey’s pockets.

Think about it, how would a motivational speaker who has barely achieved anything in his/her life motivate you into becoming the greatest person in the world.

Most of these motivational speakers are lazy, entitled, audacious and annoyingly-bold faced people who sweet-talk their way into the heads of their vulnerable audience. In short, they are broke people who lack the courage to pursue their dreams so they find the easiest way to scam people.

It gets scary as some of these motivational speakers merely stumbled upon motivational speaking, having no dream or career to pursue prior to their corny epiphany.

What’s even scarier is that some of these motivational speakers have branched into life coaching and career counselling without substantial knowledge and understanding of their assumed career specialities.

It is logical that anyone who is imparting knowledge or helping others find their place in life should have experienced life in that equivalent. What this means is that life coaches, motivational speakers or whatever fancy name they give themselves should have experienced or suffered from whatever lesson they’re trying to help you overcome.

I spoke to a couple of people, asking them about their contacts with motivational speakers and if it amounted to any tangible end, well, my answers were not surprising. It should be noted that my questions were not in any loaded and the conversations which led to the questions were not in any way suggestive.

All my respondents expect one admitted to a genuine dislike for motivational speakers, however, none of them admitted to a monetary exchange with motivational speakers. One of my respondents who identified himself as Damilola said: “Motivational Speakers just care about how well they can move the audience with their presentations, hence the use of rhymes and they try to carve out unrealistic deep statements to achieve that.”

Motivational speakers are probably the reason why so many people see themselves as failures, while the motivational speakers, exactly, fit that box.

They yell and spit into microphones, telling people how life should be led, and how much better these people could achieve. The truth is no one can really achieve everything, which is why contentment is key. Anyone who lacks this will end up living a really unhealthy life.

It is good for anyone to motivate you, however, it becomes a problem when your motivator is yelling “you can do it” with his/her hand in your pocket, taking the small change that you should use to “do it.”

Talk is cheap, which is why motivational speaking is easy. Unfortunately, most humans are incapable of leading themselves, which is why they need someone to pull their hands and say unrealistic rhythmic things into their ears.

The moment everyone realises that true and sincere motivation comes from within is the moment when achieving greatness can truly begin.

As I mentioned earlier, 2020 presents an opportunity for reinvention, which is why we should bask in the euphoria of the new year and enjoy this once in a decade opportunity by ourselves. 2020 is sufficient motivation for everyone! Use your money to buy Suya.

This article was written by Onyekachukwu Gbadegesin.

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