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Why BRT fares will be Increased soon

Why BRT fares will be Increased soon

Doris Ukaonu

If you are one of those Lagosians already comfortable with the fares of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), then you better start making adequate financial plans.

Operators of the BRT, Primero Transport Services Limited recently disclosed that a plan to increase the bus fares in the near future is already in place.

Speaking through its Managing Director, Mr Fola Tinubu, the decision to increase the fares was triggered to meet up with the current realities.

If the smooth running of the buses must continue and people’s comfort guaranteed, then there is a need for the hike.

Tinubu also noted that it has been a hard nut trying to foot the bills for the cost of operating the buses.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the managing director said: “Primero is planning to approach the regulator for an increase in fares. The last increase we got was done three years ago and our cost of operations has really increased”.

“The company is not in a good financial standing now to run and foot cost of maintenance and operation of buses”.

“We understand the need to provide services to the people; I think the increase has become necessary in order to serve the people of Lagos better”.

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“With the increase, we will be able to roll out enough buses to meet the need of the state’s teeming commuters.’’

He added that the firm was already making plans to have a meeting with the  Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), the regulator of BRT, to push for the fee increase.                


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