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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Travel Lover

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Travel Lover

Doris Ukaonu

It’s the season, isn’t it? Love is in the air and you want to partake. I’m sure you’re going crazy figuring out what to get for your boo. Enter, Senior Minister of Enjoyment with the only gift guide you need for valentine’s day! I had help from my friends who are travel writers, flight attendants and travellers.

A few of these gift ideas will make you go “aawww” or *eyerolls* but the globetrotter you love will really appreciate these useful and thoughtful gifts. Thank Me Later!


For The Insta Traveller:

For the Instagram worthy moments! The Instax Mini! Who doesn’t want photos at the monuments and scenic views? The Instax mini is super handy! super cute in every colour, it kind of looks like a fashion accessory too. And isn’t there something so romantic about polaroid pictures?


For The Globetrotter:

Get him/her a Scratch Map! The adventurer you love will totally adore you for this one. And even the travel enthusiast who’s saving up to see the world. A scratch map to keep track of all the places they’ve seen and inspiration for where to go next. You could even make it romantic and scratch off places you have been together.


For The Stylish One:

Away Rose Gold Carry-On. Every traveller needs a great piece of luggage to carry them without wheels falling off or ripping apart. It is durable, reliable and Practical but also a travel status symbol. This gorgeous rose gold carry-on fits in the overhead bins for major airlines and even comes with a battery that can charge your phone up to 4x. Does it get any better?


Passport Holder: 

Who’s more annoying than a traveller in front of you in the queue searching for his passport then boarding pass then whatever else? Save the one you love from all those evil stares at the airport. When done right, a good passport holder will protect and organise all important travel documents, credit cards and tons more. There are fancy passport holders out there, this one has served me well, looks great in my travel bag and I picked it up for less than N10,000.


Priority Pass: 

How about a gift that will have your boo thinking of you & thanking you no matter where they go, no matter the airline, no matter the seat class. Give the gift of a Priority Pass!

It gives the holder access to more than 1,300 lounges worldwide. Did you hear that? One Thousand Lounges without the expensive business class ticket. That is free

food, drinks, wi-fi even those lounges with spas, all covered!


Go Pro 7:

A travel lover fantasies are probably about documenting their adventures without carrying around a camera the size of a small car. Exaggeration sure, but you know what I mean.

The GoPro is a very sweet gift. This compact gem allows you to record video hands-free, video stabilization, waterproof, voice control and a touch screen. It’s available pretty much everywhere. Splurge a little on your lover.

Anker Power Bank:

Imagine this, out exploring a new destination, using the maps on your phone to get around 1 hour in and your phone dies. A power bank is a travel lover holy grail. This Anker one is my favourite because it charges my iPhone 7 times.


Memory Foam Travel Pillow:


I stan for someone who will consider the quality of my sleep while I am travelling. You must really love me. This memory foam pillow can recreate the comfort of a hotel room pillow by contouring to fit any user for personalized support and pain relief.

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Travel Adapter:

Oh, nothing glamorous here, just the most essential travel gear to ever be invented. I use my travel adapter on every single trip. Gift bae a good one with surge protection please and thank you. A blessing to be able to plug in and charge everything they’ve got no matter the country.


And The Ultimate Gift:


The best gift for a traveller is the gift of ….more TRAVEL! Nothing beats this. For Ajala travel, you will be the best valentine they have ever had. Here are some examples to get you started.

I could go on but I need to go order gifts for my own travel obsessed boo. All the gifts mentioned can either be gotten within Nigeria and ordered to Nigeria.


From Ayodeji Ogunnsi aka Senior Minister Of Enjoyment 

Happy Valentines Day!


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