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UNICEF Proposes Girls Model Schools; Recommends 1000 Female Teachers to Rural Communities

UNICEF Proposes Girls Model Schools; Recommends 1000 Female Teachers to Rural Communities

Doris Ukaonu

To promote the retention of the girl child, the United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has called for the creation of girls Model Basic Education Schools.

According to UNICEF, the need to create Model Basic Education Schools for females is due to early marriage, teenage pregnancy, male preference, and unfriendly environment, all of which place a barricade on female education when they occur. The basic education will ensure that the girl child continues to receive formal education if any of these occurs.

“Out of the 10 million children schooling in Nigeria, 5million are girls”. Sagir Yakubu, President of UNICEF’s Youth Advocate for Education, lamented.

Yakubu called on political office holders especially the state governors to help eliminate the negative factors that interfere with the formal education of the girl child.

He said that because of the low budget allocated to basic education, the system is dilapidated.  “The quality of education in Nigeria is poor in terms of learning outcomes. There is poor welfare and motivation of teachers; inadequate training and retraining of teachers; low number of qualified teachers, especially in the rural areas and lack of proper monitoring and evaluation mechanism of both public schools’’. He added.

The President of UNICEF Youth Advocate urged the government to “provide 20 percent of schools with access to digital learning platforms yearly and allocate specific funds for systematic monitoring, supportive supervision of teachers and schools’’.

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Yakubu recommended that a total of one thousand female teachers should be recruited and deployed to rural communities yearly.


News Source- Daily Times

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