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Traders in Balogun market count losses amid fire outbreak

Traders in Balogun market count losses amid fire outbreak

Traders in Balogun market count losses amid fire outbreak

The metropolis of the Lagos market, Balogun market, yesterday (November 5)  had a section engulfed in a serious fire.

According to an eyewitness, the fire began at a shopping plaza situated at No. 43, Martins Street, Lagos Island.

The traders have however decried the late response from firefighters who according to them would have averted major losses if they responded on time.

The market place which holds the majority of big businesses and companies in Lagos suffered a major loss as the fire raged for several hours, spreading across both big and small shops within that session.

Speaking to The Guardian, a trader identified as Owosanmi, said, “it is over six hours and as you can see, the fire is still burning. The government keeps failing us every day, it is taking forever to put out this fire.”

Having Complained that the firefighters were confused about fighting the fire, another trader who chooses to remain anonymous said: “They have been struggling to put out this fire, but still yet to put it out. I am here witnessing our firefighters’ failure to put out this fire.”

Another trader, Titilayo Oreoluwa, disclosed to newsmen that the fire began at and continued till

“I think this is the right time for the government to set up a fire station in the market. I lost some of my goods due to the fire incident and the fact that it is still burning is worrisome.

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, Traders in Balogun market count losses amid fire outbreak
Hauwa Ojeifo was diagnosed with a mental health disorder and now is helping others work through theirs. Credit: @shewriteswoman/Instragram.

“The government should equip the firefighters for incidents like this”, she said.

The ambiance of the market became tensed the moment the fire broke. Traders tried to save their goods in several ways but could only do little.

Also as a result of the pandemonium, thugs took advantage to steal from affected shops and rob passersby of their belongings.

So far, there has been no death casualty recorded.

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