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Tiwa Savage Drops First Solo Under Universal, Releases New Single ‘49-99’

Tiwa Savage Drops First Solo Under Universal, Releases New Single ‘49-99’

Doris Ukaonu

Notable singer and elite songwriter, Tiwa Savage has released a new single ‘49-99’, with a clear cut video to properly send home the message.

This marks her first official solo work since she left Mavin records and joined the Universal Music Group in May 2019.

The ‘49-99’ video which was directed by Meji Alabi began world streaming on September 5, after which a listening party was organized where the crooner broke down the message intertwined in the melody and visuals.

Depicted in the video was a remake of the 1970s Congo High: Class of ’72, an epic photography collection of Congolese schoolgirls in eccentric hairstyles and blue white-collared uniforms, shot by renowned photographer Elliot Elifoson . The image symbolizes the beginning of the Mobutu regime.

At that time, Elisofon was running a conscious campaign to buttress the authenticity of Africa,  with the sole purpose of cleansing all western cultural influence.

Tiwa who admits having gotten inspiration from some of Elisofon’s works said that ‘49-99’  was a call for social change.

She said, “The song encourages the young to put down the sense of inheritance and work for what they desire in life, for a better tomorrow.

“We can’t sit on our old glories and expect things to change for the better.

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“‘49-99’ also addresses some political leaders who, instead of focusing on the growth of a nation, are there just for the money and having affairs with underage girls while the citizenry is hustling hard to make a daily living.” She added.

Explaining further, Tiwa via a press release disclosed that ‘49-99’ is a term derived from the hardship many Nigerians are dealt with.

The song narrates the daily ordeal of a commercial bus which ideally should carry 49 people but due to the deteriorated economic state, it carries twice the number, leaving many on their feet while in transit.

‘49-99’ also cites Fela Kuti’s famous “49 sittings, 99 standing” line from popular track “Suffering and Smiling”, which was released in 1978.

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