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Things You Find In Lagos but can’t find anywhere else

Things You Find In Lagos but can’t find anywhere else

Doris Ukaonu
Lagos State, the smallest by size, yet the largest by population density in Nigeria, is the 4th largest city in the world. The State only has an area of about 3,577km2² but accommodates 21 million people and counting.
Over the years, the economic prosperity of Lagos State has been over-exaggerated, thus, influencing those seeking greener pastures to relocate to the “City of Excellence,”  as the city remains the biggest economic frontier in Nigeria with a GDP of $33,679 million.
Apart from being the largest city in Nigeria and the most prosperous, Lagos still has other unique things that have set it apart from other states. These are:
The tallest building in West Africa is in Lagos:
The NECOM house, completed far back as 1979, is the tallest building in Nigeria and West Africa at large. NECOM House was formerly known as NITEL tower, housing the defunct Nigerian Telecommunications Limited government company. The building has 32 floors and is 52.5ft tall. From the top of the building, you can have a good aerial view of a large part of Lagos Island.

Third Mainland Bridge:

Lagos is the habitat for the longest bridge in Africa, the Third Mainland Bridge, which measures 11.8km. It connects Lagos Island to the mainland. It is three kilometres high above the water and peculiar for long hours of traffic during the weekdays.


Lagos Traffic:
Traffic is peculiar to every city in the world, however, it is a daily occurrence for the residents and commuters of Lagos State. Nowhere in Nigeria does this class of traffic exist. Commuting without encountering traffic for a Lagosian is a miracle that will probably happen only once in a month.
Yellow Buses/BRT:
Lagos is the only state that uses the popular yellow bus for public transport, and throughout the world, it has become one of the symbols used in describing Lagos State. The yellow buses have been in Lagos since its inception and are now the colour of Lagos public transportation (Buses, Taxis and Keke Napep).
The Lagos State Government, however, tried to reduce yellow buses with the inception of the BRT system. This was in a bid to reduce traffic and improve public transportation. The buses were initially red but have been changed to blue.
Every Bus stop has a market:
At every turn in Lagos State, you’ll surely find a market. The vendors mostly sell food items, clothes and electronics. This is particularly on the Lagos mainland and partly on the Island. Lagosians are industrious people and therefore seize every opportunity to add to the economic prosperity of the state.
If you are looking to visit Lagos anytime soon, make sure to keep an eye out for these unique things about the Lagos cause you can’t find them anywhere else.
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