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These Videos Tell the Stories of the #EndSARS Protests 

These Videos Tell the Stories of the #EndSARS Protests 

, These Videos Tell the Stories of the #EndSARS Protests 
An #EndSARS protester. Image from @theayochase on Twitter.
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Last weekend, Nigerians took to the streets to protest years-long brutality by the police unit SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad), turning the social media movement #EndSARS into an unstoppable force. As the hashtag trended at No 1 on global Twitter, people walked under the sun, shouting, “End SARS!” in different cities—and they continue to walk.

There have been stories of mobilizations: Nigerians raising millions of Naira for victims and protesters, an anonymous website collecting stories of SARS, organisations offering practical support.

And then there have been stories of suppressions: protesters were teargassed and attacked with live ammunition, a SARS man threatened to kill 29 people and then kill himself, a SARS man shot directly into a crowded road, and then the death of Jimoh Isiaq. The attacks on protesters didn’t stop even after the announcement that SARS had been “dissolved.”

Here at Folio Nigeria, we have compiled a few videos that tell the stories of last weekend’s #EndSARS protests.

Awkuzu, Anambra State: The young men forced by SARS men to pray in Igbo for their own safety–years ago. It has been claimed that not all of them made it out alive

The protesters who prayed before protest

The young man who refused to be afraid of soldiers, jumping and shouting, “End SARS!”

The Nigerian mothers who came out for their children

Abuja: protesters running from police teargas 

Abuja: protesters singing and dancing to Davido’s “FEM”

Lagos: protesters at Lagos State Deputy Governor’s house in Ikoyi

Unidentified SARS man threatens to kill protesters: “Na 30 bullets I get. I go waste 29 for una and use the last one confirm myself”

Abuja: a protester narrates how police attacked them even before their protest, including that 5 policemen beat one woman

A policeman shoots straight in a crowded street

London: singer WizKid tells protesters, “Nigerian youths, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have a voice”

Young man asks his church why it has remained silent on the protests

The moment when the Inspector General of Police announced that SARS “is hereby dissolved.”


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