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The Wonderful World of Spas, How It all Began

The Wonderful World of Spas, How It all Began

Doris Ukaonu
what you lack is in a spa

Are you one of those with the opinion that spas are for superficial benefits alone? Perhaps that is why you have never visited one! See-through the wonderful world of spas and how it all began.

It’s no news that many of us look and feel worn out all the time and this is because of the busy schedules we are faced with on the weekdays, but what happens over the weekend? Do you spend the weekend so drunk in tiredness, trying to make up for all the rest you couldn’t have during the week? Don’t get this wrong, there is really no harm in resting over the weekend, but truth be told your body deserves better than just laying in bed all day and that is why you must visit a spa.

There are two theories attributed to the origination of the word ‘spa’, the most popular is that “spa” is an acronym for the Latin phrase salus per aquae or “health through water.” Another origin is that it comes from the Belgian town of Spa, notable for its natural mineral springs and baths since the Roman era.

However, the origin of modern spas can be traced to Greece. The bathing procedures of the Greeks formed a solid foundation for the spas we see today. Aegean, a town located in Greece were peculiar for using small bathtubs, washbasins, and foot baths for personal cleanliness. Public baths and showers were established in their gymnasiums not only to promote personal hygiene but also for relaxation.

According to Greek mythology, the mineral waters and hot springs that were used as healing powers.

Tracing the origin of spas in Africa, one cannot ascertain how it actually began but we can tell for sure that the business has really grown. Compared to men, African women have by far benefited more from all the goodness a spa has to offer.

Just like the Ancient Spa treatments, the African spa procedures also give healing to the body, mind, and soul. Sometimes they also apply sacred and ancient knowledge to provide users a pleasurable and healthy experience. This was and is still very common before a bride is presented to her groom. She is typically placed in a room ‘fattening room’ for about a week, where she goes through a series of a beauty regimen, from sugar waxing to skin polishing and then massages.


Body massage is soothing to the nerves


Here are five indomitable reasons to drop by a spa real quick;

1) Virtually Every Treatment Is Beneficial To your health

There are tons of services a spa can offer you and guess what, they are bound to keep you vibrant. Some of the services are body therapies, facial treatments, grooming, and massage, to mention a few. Looking to reduce body pain and have soothing relaxation? Then a hot stone massage will be perfect for you together with a good ol’ regular massage.

Having a mineral bath is a cure to many defects like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, depression, insomnia, lower back pain to name a few.

A hard foot which is peculiar with the male folk can be treated via a foot massage. This aids the prevention of headaches, foot and ankle injuries and also lowers blood pressure.

Image result for Spa treatments in africa
Facial treatment in a spa

2) An Avenue to Connect with loved ones

Instead of turning down visits to your loved ones during the weekend with an excuse that you have to recover from the week’s stress, why not invite loved ones to come along with you to the spa?

Ever envisaged a sauna for two or a full body massage and a delicious dinner and lots of candles and roses on the floor. Even though you might not get the chance to converse more with your loved ones, what better way to give them a treat than, that which soothes the body and soul?

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3. An Ideal Weight Trimmer

There are spa treatments that can navigate you in the right direction if you are looking to shed some weight. Fat cells and stomach rolls can be frozen through cool sculpting but you must be ready to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet if you must keep your new shape.

4. Better Breathing and Sleep Patterns

If you are one to indulge in Sauna and heat-related therapies at the spa then you are sure to have a good sleep all night long. Other advantages are Clear breathing and strengthen the respiratory system.

5. Confidence Booster

There’s no crime in wanting to look and feel your best all the time. Spas have a variety of facials and body works that will keep your vibrant and fresh round the clock. From exfoliation to getting rid of blemishes and acne scars to directed laser treatment, anyone will come out looking renewed with confidence.


There you go! Five reasons why you must visit the spa. Not leaving out the fact that there’s been a recurrent economic meltdown and placing a budget on rest and relaxation might feel ludicrous. But think about it,  you need to feel better entirely in and out. You may not be able to afford to visit the spa every weekend but how about once or twice a month?


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