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The Matsirga Waterfalls

The Matsirga Waterfalls

The Matsirga Waterfalls
Matsirga Waterfalls. Credit: Hamza Shaibu via Flickr.

In Kagoro Hills, Kaduna State, a spring begins and makes its way to Batadon, near Kafanchan, from where it splits into four hollows and plunges from a wide-faced rock and down 30 metres into a gorge. Popularly known to locals as “River Wonderful,” the Matsirga Waterfalls is so massive, it could be heard and seen from the Kaduna-Kafanchan expressway.

The area is reported to be breezy and bushy. Visitors have reported smoke and “rainbow-like mists” appearing briefly on the water, especially on Sundays, caused by sunlight. It is said to be quite the sight for birdwatchers who experience the fluttering of parrots and finches. Underneath the rock is a cave, where people often stay to feel the rumble and music of the water.

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