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The Bole Food Festival

The Bole Food Festival

The Bole Food Festival
Bole. Credit: @BoleFestival on Twitter.

In the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on the streets around its venue, the Bole Festival pulls together some 8,000 visitors for one day. Considered the biggest food festival in southern Nigeria, it is also a celebration of Niger Delta cultures and heritage.

Bole, a street food popular in the Niger Delta region, is made from plantain: roasted and served with pepper sauce and roast fish or chicken, or with yam or potato. Bole is also popular in western Nigeria, where it is served with groundnuts.

During the festival, food exhibitors demonstrate creative preparations of bole. In addition to the exhibitions, there are food contests, music and comedy performances, and indoor and outdoor games, with prizes.

There are free vendor spaces for local street food sellers, providing them opportunities to gain clients and sales. There are 200 of such stall spaces for small and medium businesses.

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A plate of kola nut. Credit: Healthline.

The organisers report that the first festival in 2016 had only 300 visitors, and the second had 2,000.

In addition to serving as a promotion of plantain farming, the Bole Festival is also a celebration of local food sellers.

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