Weep Not, IPhone Users!

Apple Set To Launch Newer Version Of Airpods

by Jerry Chiemeke

Weep Not, IPhone Users!

The competition between Apple and Samsung is not set to end anytime soon, whether with the phones or other supplementary gadgets.

The question of which company has the better handheld device(s) has been a major discussion over the years, but the debate has intensified ever since Samsung unveiled its S10 series alongside some other wearables which included the Samsung buds. The buds generated significant buzz, mainly because of its portable nature as well as the fact that it possessed a few newer features that the pods previously lacked, such as the power pack and the touch function which were missing in the previous pods. However, Apple may just have timed its production run perfectly in making its case as the superior brand.

Following the first launch of the Apple Airpod in December 2016, the wearable has significantly changed the definition of theearpiece, and while the first pods have been around for a while now, the mobile brand may have a plan to launch a second edition any moment now, considering that the first-generation AirPods have hung around for relatively too long, considering the usual pace at which Apple churns out new gadgets.

According to speculations, the AirPod 2 and the new iPads are expected go live on March 22 ahead of a ship date of March 29. The new AirPods are expected to include wireless charging support, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and perhaps even improved health monitoring features. They could also be a bit more expensive – perhaps as much as $40 or more.

Nothing is set in stone as yet, but what is certain is that Apple is not willing to sit back and play second fiddle in terms of public perception as to novelty and utility of mobile gadgets. If the launch becomes official, it would be interesting to see how Samsung responds to this. In any case, the rivalry is good for technology geeks and smartphone enthusiasts, long may it continue!