Video Games Without Discs!

Microsoft Set To Launch Newer Version Of Disc-Less Console

by Gottfried Moh

Video Games Without Discs!

Gaming around the world has undergone tremendous revolution over the decades. Cartridges made way for compact discs, controllers got rid of long chords and went wireless, and now we are at a point where video game consoles are running without needing to have discs inserted in them.

A report from Windows Central confirms that Microsoft will unveil a disc-less “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition,” with preorders expected to be available in mid-April 2019. This new console is said to be available in stores in May 2019, ahead of Microsoft’s typical E3 show in June. Microsoft is also rumoured to be creating an option to ship this disc-less console with games pre-installed, so new Xbox owners can choose the games they want to be installed before the console ships.

If the report is accurate, Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One S will be designed for digital copies of games. It will likely mean this new console is cheaper than the existing Xbox One S, as the costly Blu-ray drive is being removed. It will also be designed for services like the Xbox Game Pass, that deliver games digitally.

For a while now, Microsoft has been in the business of aggressive marketing for its Xbox game pass- a subscription service that provides access to more than 100 Xbox games. The software maker even started launching its first-party Xbox Game Studios titles like Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 on Xbox Game Pass at the same time as their retail launch dates. Microsoft hasn’t provided exact Xbox Game Pass subscriber numbers, but the company has said millions pay monthly for the service.

Furthermore, the digital company is also preparing its xCloud game streaming service. The streaming service will use Xbox One S hardware in servers, and stream games to PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Microsoft is planning to start public trials of xCloud later this year, but a digital-only version of the Xbox One S would be a good fit for this service. 

This is a potentially big move, considering the fierce competition between Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation brands. Time will tell whether Xbox's sales are going to move up, but it is great to see gaming corporations move quickly with the times and in line with consumer demands.