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TECH WARS – Samsung vs Apple

TECH WARS – Samsung vs Apple

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold smartphone has a serious problem with its folding display. Multiple early reviewers are reporting that the display has broken after just one or two days of use. It appears that the hinge on some units is defective, causing the screen to be unusable.

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On a thin strip of plastic that goes over the inside screen of the Galaxy Fold, according to reviewers, this strip can separate from the phone’s screen and appear removable. It’s not immediately clear if removing that strip contributed to problems with the Galaxy Fold.

It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Fold’s screen is plastic, likely because Corning says that its industry-standard Gorilla Glass smartphone screen material won’t be ready for foldable phones for a while yet.

In other words, Samsung seems to have knowingly opted for a less-durable screen material, so that it didn’t have to wait. And those screens now appear to be breaking for some users.

Image result for apple vs samsungSource: Cornell University

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Samsung says it will “thoroughly” inspect the broken phones to determine the cause of the matter. It also says the thin film is a “protective layer” which is part of the “display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches” and that removing it may cause damage.

For all of Apple’s own problems, and for all of its own iPhone scandals and embarrassments, it’s hard to imagine the company shipping the device to reviewers at all in such a state. Apple gets knocked around, fairly and otherwise, for being late to new markets and design trends, sometimes with devices that are less powerful than what its competitors offer. The defense has always been that Apple would rather get it right, rather than rush something out to be first.

That defense has never rung truer than amid this Samsung Galaxy Fold fiasco.

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