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Sony Pictures To Roll Out An Exclusive Jumanji VR Experience

Sony Pictures To Roll Out An Exclusive Jumanji VR Experience

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Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and The VOID recently announced that they will provide an immersive VR experience to enter ‘Jumanji’. This move by Sony Pictures is a unique marketing idea that will help promote the upcoming ‘Jumanji – The Next Level’ movie. However, unlike the original movie title, the Jumanji VR experience will feature ‘Jumanji: Reverse The Curse’.

According to Sony Pictures, the VR experience will give fans the ability to truly enter the Jumanji world game. Not just limited to that, gamers will also be able to select their preferred character from the movie – Dr Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Professor Oberon and “Mouse” Finbar – to explore and defeat the villain.

The movie giant also claimed the experience will not only be “cinematic” in general but it will also involve a multi-sensory VR experience, where gamers will be able to taste and smell their immersed world of Jumanji.

There is no doubt this will be an interesting game to take a look at as it aims to promote a movie and also improve the level of VR experiences available globally.

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The Jumanji VR experience will only be available at select VOID locations in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia starting from November 27, 2019.

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