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Senate Applauds Buhari’s N125b budget for National Assembly

Senate Applauds Buhari’s N125b budget for National Assembly

Doris Ukaonu

The Senate has applauded the N125 billion put forward by President Muhammadu Buhari as the 2020 budget for the National Assembly.

Speaking with the Guardian, Adedayo Adeyeye, the spokesman of the Senate said; “The National Assembly has a lot of staff to take care of in both chambers. The number of committees is large too because of the volume of work. So, there is no way we can operate with a small budget.

“The bulk of this money is spent on issues that promote legislative operations. Unfortunately, many people believe that legislators take the largest chunk of the money. Our salaries are open for public scrutiny,” Adeyeye said.

“The truth is: it is either we want to have a working and effective National Assembly that is properly funded or we do not. Running the system in the National Assembly is very expensive.”

Adeyeye however, failed to give comprehensive details on how the N125 billion would be spent, saying that the Senate had not discussed the specifics.

The National Assembly has in the past come under intense criticism over its failure to release the details of its budget.

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