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SANWO-OLU VISITS APAPA – Proffers Lasting Solution to the Gridlock

SANWO-OLU VISITS APAPA – Proffers Lasting Solution to the Gridlock

The new Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has guaranteed a permanent fix to the gridlock challenges faced in Apapa. Sanwo-Olu disclosed this on Thursday, 30th of May, while he was in the area scrutinising the gridlock areas. This comes after years of constant  gridlock on the Apapa express.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the Governor stopped by two ports in the area. The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Lilly Port Terminal where the port operatives opened up to him about the difficulties faced in the area.

Image result for sanwo olu visits apapaBabajide Sanwo-Olu during his visit to Apapa

The new governor resolved that there are many facets to the Apapa traffic problems and that if it must be fixed, a collective effort from the different agencies of government is necessary; this involves the state government, federal counterparts and stakeholders.

“The facility is owned by the federal government but the users are Lagos citizens. We have discovered that the problem of Apapa is multi-faceted; one agency cannot resolve the issue. It is more than one company that can bring solution to it,” the governor said.

Speaking on the various solutions that would be deployed in tackling the gridlock issue,  Sanwo-Olu said that 1,000 capacity Tin Can ports terminal would be available by next month with complete water system, toilet facility and power supply. Once it is ready, all the trucks on Ijora bridge and others within that axis will have access to it.

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Sanwo- Olu also revealed that the committee is working on smaller terminals which he hoped will be a solution to the present gridlock problem. “There are other smaller terminals that the committee is working on. The final solution is round the corner. We are hoping in due course, we will get all these issues behind us.”

In his final words during the visit, the Governor admitted that the long term solution to the gridlocks in Apapa was an economic one. He  urged that another port should be built to serve as a long term solution, and that the Lekki and Badagry ports should be developed. “We need to build another port. We will take it upon ourselves with the support of the NPA to develop the Lekki and Badagry ports.” he said.

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