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Popular children’s rhyme, “Baby Shark”, makes millions for Korean Family

Popular children’s rhyme, “Baby Shark”, makes millions for Korean Family

Doris Ukaonu

Since the popular rhyme, ‘Baby Shark’ surfaced the internet in mid-2018, all other popular baby rhymes were loomed over as it became the best song for pacifying babies throwing tantrums. 

“Baby Shark, doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo”, as it is fondly sung by millennial mums is by every measure catchy. It was composed by a Korean family, Kim Min-seok, who thanks to the song are now sitting in a growing multi-million-dollar fortune.

The Kim family in 2010 co-founded the SmartStudy Co, an educational entertainment company moving beyond the limits of traditional media. It is a subsidiary of Samsung Publishing Co Ltd. 

Five years after the company started, Pinkfong, a children’s educational brand under SmartStudy Co released  “Baby Shark”.

Apart from its demeanour in putting smiles on people’s face especially babies, The Baby Shark rhyme has gained substantial global recognition. 

After a video of protesters singing to the song to calm a toddler went viral in Lebanon, it became a recognized rallying cry in the country.

Also for this year’s World Series, it was chosen among the anthem, uniting fans of different clubs who all clapped in unison.

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Thanks to the song, Kim’s family fortune is now about $125 million.

SmartStudy Co which is still considered a start-up as it hasn’t gained many numbers of years in existence rose from 47% to 40 billion won ($34.3 million) last year. Currently, the song has gathered 3.8 billion views on YouTube and reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


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