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Police free 15 victims chained in a Church

Police free 15 victims chained in a Church

Police free 15 victims chained in a Church

During its latest invasion targeted at uncovering inhumane treatments meted in religious institutions, the Nigerian Police rescued 15 people chained up in a church.

With the help of some Non-government organisations, the police were able to clamp down on the church “Blessing of Goodness Healing Church” situated in Ijegun, Lagos.

The church which also served as a detention camp had men and women within the ages of 19 to 50, bound in chains.

Lagos police spokesman Bala Elkana made the disclosure.

Currently in police custody is Sunday Joseph Ojo, the prophet overseeing the church and 10 others.

Elkana said that the victims “were brought by their families to seek spiritual help from mental illness and other diseases.”

“The prophet said he has been in the healing ministry since 1986, (and) that he chained them in order to prevent escape.”

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, Police free 15 victims chained in a Church
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According to the spokesman some of the victims have been there for five years.

Prior to now, the police have in the last one month had its radar on Islamic schools in the North which led to the freedom of many victims especially teenage boys who were chained, beaten and molested by their tutors.

However, the recent controversy surrounding “Blessing of Goodness Healing Church”, kickstarts the police crackdown on churches.

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