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Photoshop for iPad gets new ‘Select Subject’ feature

Photoshop for iPad gets new ‘Select Subject’ feature

Photoshop for iPad

When Adobe Photoshop launched on the iPad, a handful of features on its desktop version were missing. One of such numerous features was the “Select Subject”. This feature enabled users to select images of their subjects in the app, using Adobe Sensei’s AI algorithm.

However, if you’re a Photoshop user on the iPad, you are in luck because Adobe has recently announced that they are bringing the feature over to the tablet version of the app.

This means that users of Photoshop on the iPad will be able to make selections a lot easier and in a lot less time, as compared to the norm. According to Adobe, the Select Subject feature has also been updated and they claim that the updated version of it will work almost instantly, so give it a try if you have the app on your tablet.

Aside from Select Subject, Photoshop for iPad is also getting some UI improvements and speed improvements for its Cloud documents. Cloud PSDs, which were introduced with the app and allow users to access their Photoshop files from any device, will now upload and download up to 90% faster.

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This addition marks the first real improvement to Photoshop for iPad since it was released last month to disappointing reviews. However, its ratings have slowly improved from 2/5 stars to 3.3/5 stars on the App Store.

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