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 ‘Joker’ outshines ‘Deadpool’, becomes first R-rated movie to hit $1 Billion

 ‘Joker’ outshines ‘Deadpool’, becomes first R-rated movie to hit $1 Billion

Doris Ukaonu

Despite a good number of criticisms questioning it’s kind of moral ambiguity and tagging it ‘Too dark’ for society, the ‘Joker’ film in outshining all odds is now the first R-rated film to hit  $1 billion (N361,500,000,000) worldwide.

Since its October debut, the Todd Phillips directed film has continued to move upward. It is currently the fourth Warner Bros DC movie to hit one billion views after  “Aquaman”.

During its first week of release, ‘Joker’ made $140.5 million globally and acquired $93.5 million in the US alone.

According to Warner Bros, ‘Joker’ is now officially the highest-grossing R-rated film in history, outdoing ‘Deadpool’ by a reasonable margin.

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