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Osibanjo Assures Steady Military Welfare, Says Force Will be the Greatest In Africa Soon

Osibanjo Assures Steady Military Welfare, Says Force Will be the Greatest In Africa Soon

Doris Ukaonu
Vice President Yemi Osibanjo

Vice President Yemi Osibanjo has assured members of the Nigerian Armed Forces that the Federal Government will continue to provide for their welfare.

Osibanjo made the declaration on July 10 while he performed his duties as a reviewing officer during the passing out ceremony of 187 Direct Short Service Course 28, at the Military Training Centre (MTC), Nigerian Air Force Base Kaduna.

Having commended the armed forces for effectively controlling the borders to ward off the Boko Haram terrorists, he assured Nigerians that the threats of ISWAP, bandits and other criminals would be effectively contained to secure the country.

The vice president, however, directed the military to implement effective propaganda to downsize the efforts of terrorists who currently use social media platforms to dispense threatening messages to the nation. “Also, more often these days, these insurgents are focusing on soft targets, opportunistic attacks on isolated military units, as well as on increasingly sophisticated propaganda aimed at making them out to be more organized and lethal than they really are.

“This ever-increasing reliance on propaganda is a reminder that this is not only a ‘battleground’ war; it is just as much an information-and-narrative war”. Osibanjo noted.

The Vice President told members of the armed forces that winning hearts and minds is important in military warfare, adding that it would go a long way in this era defined by information and communication technologies.

“As 21st-century military officers, how you project your strength and confidence to your enemies and the world, especially using social and digital media tools, is as important as the sophistication of the conventional arms and ammunition that you wield”. He said.

Addressing the clashes between crop farmers and pastoralists, Osibanjo said that the incidences of kidnapping, armed banditry and militancy are being effectively contained. He also noted that the Federal Government and State governors are working on providing uptight security for the Nation.

“This initiative involves the recruitment and training of policemen in each local government and ensuring that such new policemen remain in their local governments working with local and traditional authorities to maintain peace and security”.

In his closing remarks, the Vice President said that in a few short years, Nigeria will be by far, the greatest military force in Africa and certainly the most developed economy in Africa. He, however, congratulated the cadets on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari and admonished them to always remember the ultimate aim of their service which was to defend the territorial integrity of the country and to put their lives on the line for the safety and welfare of millions of Nigerian men and women.

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