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Nigeria’s Hidden Gems: Ogba Ukwu Caves and Waterfalls

Nigeria’s Hidden Gems: Ogba Ukwu Caves and Waterfalls


From the sacred Osun-Osogbo groove to the ancient Nok culture and the Hausa-Fulani cultural heritage amongst others, there is no denial of the fact that Nigeria is very rich in culture and tourism. However, given the numerous tourist sites in the country, there are still several unknown sites that tourists and even citizens know little about despite existing for many years. One of such is the Ogba-Ukwu Caves and Waterfalls which presents one of the greatest natural tourist attractions in Anambra State.

Approximately 75 kilometres east of Onitsha, the Ogba Ukwu Caves and Waterfalls are located in Owerre-Ezukala community that borders Abia, Enugu and Imo. It is considered the largest cave in West Africa and can take up to two hours to explore. The cave forms a deep and complex rock formation with roomy compartments large enough to take in an entire village.

Within the confines of the cave is a large area believed to be the living room of the ‘god’ of Owerre-Ezukala. This cave, like its counterparts, has many entry and exit points but one, in particular, is famous for the wide range of distance it covers. There is also one particular compartment, accessed by the aid of stone steps where an old elephant’s foot still stands, long dead and dry.

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The Ogba-Ukwu Caves and Waterfalls is a sight worth seeing that will undoubtedly leave every tourist dumbfounded over this wonderful work of nature.

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