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Nigeria’s First Electric Cargo Van

Nigeria’s First Electric Cargo Van

Nigeria’s First Electric Cargo Van

Despite the longstanding problems of bad room, poor power supply and inadequate funding, all of which conspire to limit the advancement made in the creation of electric vehicles in the country, JET Motor Company recently launched what many assumed would for a long time remain a fantasy.

The newly-unveiled vehicles are Nigeria’s first ever electric cargo vans which were developed over a three-year period. The vehicles can travel between 260 and 280 kilometers on full charge.

Not only does it fit into the company’s goal of leading Africa’s transition into “a new era of mobility”, the invention is also a thing of social significance: it is good for the environment. There has been a push in recent times by global organizations like the United Nations for counties to become less reliant on fossil fuels which are contributing to climate change and instead embrace alternative energy sources like electricity or solar power.

The EV was described as having “a high capacity lithium-ion phosphate battery rated at 107.6kwh, a traction motor with a larger torque of 950Nm, making it possible for the vehicle to accelerate from 0-100km/h in under 20 seconds”.

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, Nigeria’s First Electric Cargo Van
Tosin Osibodu. Credit: BellaNaija.

Electric vehicles such as this are also 50% cheaper to power than those which function on gasoline. Maintenance is also much easier, as engine parts reduce by 70%.

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