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Nigerians React Over Xenophobic Killings, Storm Shoprite Ikeja

Nigerians React Over Xenophobic Killings, Storm Shoprite Ikeja

Doris Ukaonu
Shoprite Ikeja

Following the recent xenophobic attack on Nigerians in Johannesburg South Africa, Nigerians have resolved to a protest over the violent killings.

Not less than a hundred Nigerians were seen carrying placards, protesting at the environs of Shoprite, Ikeja today (September 3).

Some inscriptions on the placards were ‘Stop the Killings’, ‘President Buhari Say Something’, ‘African stop killing Africans’, to mention a few, all in a bid to get their voice heard.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, has in a recent video justified the xenophobic attacks.


Cele said “How can a city in South Africa be 80% foreign nationals?” he further described the situation as ‘Dangerous’.

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According to him, South Africans surrendered their city to the foreign nationals, which is unlikely to happen in other states, ‘You won’t find South Africans dominating other countries’, he added.

Cele concluded by saying that the situation warrants a debate otherwise a foreigner may likely rule South Africa in the future.

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