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Nigeria Is N594.09bn richer due to whistle-blowing policy

Nigeria Is N594.09bn richer due to whistle-blowing policy

Nigeria Is N594.09bn richer due to whistle-blowing policy

Nigeria has become  N594.09bn richer within a span of almost three years and this is as a result of the whistle-blowing policy.

The Whistle-blowing policy was introduced to Nigeria on December 21, 2016, by Nigeria’s Federal Government and since then been facilitated through the Federal Ministry of Finance.

In a workshop held in Abuja yesterday (November 21), the Permanent Secretary, Special Duties, Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Dr Muhammed Dikwa, gave a brief rundown on the success of the whistle-blowing policy, disclosing that it has generated the nation N594.09bn, since its inception.

Dikwa affirmed that the policy was here to stay.

The Nigerian Government introduced the anti-corruption programme to encourage people to voluntary report to the Federal Ministry of Finance, information about fraud, bribery, looted government funds, financial misconduct and any other form of corruption or theft.

According to Dikwa, the federal government through the policy have been able to generate N192m from unscrupulous practices of retired diplomats who still have their names on the payroll. 

So far so good the Permanent Secretary said that the policy had toned down corruption in Nigeria.

He further disclosed that the Whistle-Blower and Witness Protection Bill 2019 is being documented to provide legal backing and administrative guide for the policy.

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, Nigeria Is N594.09bn richer due to whistle-blowing policy
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The Whistle-blowing policy in Nigeria mandates that 2.5%- 5% of the recovered fund is given to the whistle-blower.

The Whistle-blower Policy is not a Law of the National Assembly.  It was approved by the Federal Executive Council in December 2016. The policy was created by the Federal Ministry of Finance for whistle-blowers.

According to Wikipedia, the Nigerian Government within its first two months of introducing the policy recovered over $178 million. By June 5, 2017, Federal Ministry of Finance received a total of 2,150 tips from the public, 128 tips came through the website of the ministry, 1,192 was through phone calls, 540 through SMS and 290 through email to the ministry. By July/August 2017, a total of 5000 tips was received

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