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New documentary claims rapper Tupac Shakur is still alive

New documentary claims rapper Tupac Shakur is still alive


A new documentary claims that rapper, Tupac Shakur, is still alive after faking his own death and fleeing to New Mexico where he is being protected by the Navajo tribe. The film alleges Shakur escaped from University Medical Center in Las Vegas after he was gunned down in 1996.

The world believes that the late American rap legend died from the gunshot wounds he sustained on the night of September 7th, 1996, as he was being driven by notorious record producer, Suge Knight, after watching a Mike Tyson fight at a casino in Sin City.

However, filmmaker Rick Boss purports that the rapper did not pass away in the hospital but rather sneaked out of the ward and fled to New Mexico to start a new life. He claims it is the truth and the movie is made up of facts.

In an interview with ABC 13’s KTNV, Boss talked about his new film, 2Pac: The Great Escape from UMC, exploring the conspiracies surrounding Tupac’s death and the possibility of the rapper being alive.

According to Boss, Tupac Shakur was informed of a planned hit on his life when he arrived in Las Vegas for a Tyson fight and planned the whole thing with Suge Knight, such that a Pac look-alike was going to sit right next to Knight before being shot.

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“After the shooting. What’s next? This movie is about Tupac actually escaping from University Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico. Getting protection from the Navajo tribe. “

The movie is set to be released next year.

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