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Negotiations for Minimum Wage is Ongoing, NLC Allay Workers Frustration,

Negotiations for Minimum Wage is Ongoing, NLC Allay Workers Frustration,

Doris Ukaonu
NLC’s President, Mr. Ayuba Wabbab

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has maintained that the negotiations between organized labor and the Technical Committee on consequential adjustment of the new minimum wage is still ongoing.

This was disclosed yesterday August 15, by NLC’s president, Mr. Ayuba Wabbab,  who stated that although the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) were not directly involved in the negotiations, they wouldn’t hesitate to interfere if any disagreement arises.

Recall that N30,000 minimum wage was approved by President Muhammadu Buhari on July 16, 2019, as the new national wage for Federal Public Service workers and since then, several negotiations by the Labour Union to improve other salary levels like GL 07 to GL 17 have proved abortive.

However, deliberations were ongoing as the issue of relativity/consequential adjustment of salaries still persisted.

The Federal Government had on May 14 inaugurated the relativity/Consequential Adjustment Committee which in turn set up a Technical Sub-Committee to work out the template for the adjustment of salaries of Public Service Employees.

Wabbab having acknowledged that Nigerian workers had been looking forward to a new implementation, noted that it was the wish of the organized labor that this became a reality.

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“The report that I read from the Joint Negotiating Council is that they are meeting, and if there is any stalemate we will be informed and will step in to assist and all the details of their discussions have been made public.’’ He added.

Wabbab noted that the delay surrounding the implementation was not caused by the NLC “For anybody on that table to come and say that labor is the one delaying the process he/she is not saying the obvious”.

“How can a worker or union who are at the receiving end be the ones delaying the process”. Wabbab questioned rhetorically.

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