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My Cape Verde Adventure- Fashion Stylist, Onyiibekeh

My Cape Verde Adventure- Fashion Stylist, Onyiibekeh

Doris Ukaonu

Do you know you don’t need to break the bank to visit Cape Verde?

Three days ago, we gave you a rundown of the five best Islands in Cape Verde. Well, guess what, that’s not all there is to the archipelago of the African country.

In a tell-all interview, the digital content creator and fashion stylist, Dr Onyinye Azode AKA Onyiibekeh narrates to the crew, the wonderful experiences of her trip to Cape Verde last Christmas. Wondering what she has to say about the beautiful island? Follow through as she discusses the expenses, culture, food, lifestyle and more.

Although admitting to the Language barrier due to the Portuguese-based creole language spoken on the island, Onyiibekeh said it didn’t stop her from having numerous memorable moments, especially because google translate was her go-to app!

Her favourite tours include visiting Sal Island, salt craters, Thalassotherapy & Quad biking in the lion’s mountain.

“Cachupa – it’s like corn and beans staple. And they do a lot of seafood as well, must have been one of the reasons I really enjoyed visiting,” the content creator said, describing her favourite meal on the Island.

Asides from the warm reception extended to her by the Cape Verdeans, the energetic young lady couldn’t get her eyes past their men. She expressed  “The people were very kind and always willing to help. Cape Verdean men are so handsome. Jeez!”

Now the big one! How much do need to visit Cape Verde? Hearing from the horse’s mouth, who spent a week in the Island, she said: “My total expense including flight tickets, tours, breakfast etc. were about 500k, excluding daily expenses in the country”

“The cost of living is pretty decent compared to when you live in Lagos lol”, she added. 

There you have it. If you’re looking for a cost-effective full-blown adventure, intense relaxation without visa hassles, Cape Verde is the best choice. 

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“They are definitely a people of “no stress”. That is Sal island’s motto. And I definitely felt that. Everything felt so easy. Life is good”, the stylist said.


Below are some of the beautiful photos taken during her vacation in Cape Verde;


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