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Mugabe to be Buried in Harare’s Monument for National Heroes

Mugabe to be Buried in Harare’s Monument for National Heroes

Doris Ukaonu
Late Robert Mugabe

Although there are  uncertainties of the burial date for the former Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe, his family has agreed to have him buried at a monument for national heroes in Harare.

95-year-old Mugabe passed away in Singapore last week, leaving Zimbabweans with mixed feelings, not knowing if to applaud the legacy of a leader once lauded as an anti-colonial guerrilla hero or one whose 37-year iron-fisted rule ended in a coup in 2017.

It’s been bemusing not only to his family but also the current president of Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in trying to figure out where the past hero will be buried after his body was brought back to the country on Wednesday, September 11.

However, at the early hours of Friday morning, Leo Mugabe, a relative to the deceased told reporters that he will be laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre in Harare.

According to him, the traditional chiefs in Mugabe’s homestead had made that decision.

“They have now pronounced their position so if they have pronounced that the burial will be at the Heroes Acre that means that we now have to wait for the details… whether it will be a private burial or a public one.”

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Before now, a rift arose between the Mnangagwa’s government and his family, the former had proposed a burial at the National Heroes Acre in Harare while the family said he would be buried at a private ceremony, possibly in his homestead of Kutama, northwest of the capital.

The late Mugabe was reported to have been frequenting Singapore for medical attention but his allies say his health got worse after his riddance of power. 

Some of the world leaders expected to attend the Burial ceremony are Chinese President Xi Jinping, Cuban former leader Raul Castro and a dozen African presidents, including South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa.

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