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MTN commence trial for 5G technology in Nigeria

MTN commence trial for 5G technology in Nigeria

, MTN commence trial for 5G technology in Nigeria

MTN, in collaboration with Huawei, ZTE and Ericsson have commenced trials for its 5G technology in Nigeria. This is in line with the telco’s effort towards educating Nigerians about the new technology, pending its approval by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

According to the network operator, its partners will demo the technology in selected locations across Nigeria. Huawei was selected for Abuja, ZTE will showcase the technology in Calabar, while Ericsson has been selected for Lagos.

In July last year, the company announced that it would begin to commercially deploy 5G technology in Nigeria by 2020, following the successful trial of the fifth-generation network in South Africa earlier in 2018.

In addition to the bandwidth increase for seamless video streaming, 5G technology supports real-time, ultra-reliable communication between a massive number of devices. It creates vast possibilities in innovation and transformation, and will immensely improve the quality of living, as users gain a better experience of services and technology in general.

The 5G demo centres in Abuja, Calabar and Lagos will continue to run for 3 months, utilising the trial spectrum allocated to MTN by the NCC. During the course of the 3 months, it will also extend to four other cities.

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, MTN commence trial for 5G technology in Nigeria
Owu Waterfall. Credit: Owu Waterfall.

Regardless of the successful 5G trial, MTN is not abandoning older generation cellular networks and will continue to roll-out services for 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the country for the next few years.


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