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Miyan Taushe: The Pumpkin Soup for Your Favorite Swallow

Miyan Taushe: The Pumpkin Soup for Your Favorite Swallow

Miyan Taushe: The Pumpkin Soup for Your Favorite Swallow
Miyan Taushe (Photo Credit to Dobby's Signature)

Miyan Taushe, also known as pumpkin soup, is a delicious meal that combines two things that naturally do not appear to pair nicely: groundnut and pumpkin, but they do! This lunch table delight is one of the most popular and delicious-tasting meals that can be found among the sumptuous indigenous soups in the country.

The soup is made with leafy vegetable, dawa dawa, meat, fish, plam oil, salt and seasoning, onion and, of course, pumpkin and groundnut. The preparation begins by slicing ripe pumpink open, removing the seeds and peeling off the skin. After washing it, one proceeds to chop it into small chunks and kept in a bowl. The leafy vegetables (yakuwa and spinach) are also washed thoroughly and chopped.

The rinsed peppers and tomatoes are blended together till they form a pulp. The raw groundnut is dry roasted with the skin for a few minutes, after which the skin is peeled off. What follows is the blending of the groundnut till it is pasty.

Meat, fish, onions, seasoning and salt are added into a pot and left to cook for 15 minutes. The chopped pumpkin is then added with a little bit of water. This is to be left cooking on medium heat for half an hour.

Palm oil is poured into a pan or pot to heat; the blended peppers and tomatoes are added to fry for about 10 minutes. The content of the pot with the meat and pumpkin is now added to the oil. It is at this point that the groundnut paste joins in on the action with crayfish and dawa dawa. Everything is to be stirred well and left to cook for 10 minutes. To finish everything off, the yakuwa and spinach are added and the pot is left to simmer for three minutes on low heat. It is best that the leaves remain green throughout the process, so one must be careful not to cook for too long that the color begins to change.

It can be served with waina (rice masa), tuwo shinkafa, pounded yam, fufu, or any other swallow of choice.

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Suya. Photo credit: Kikifoodies.



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