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EXCLUSIVE! 43rd Miss Nigeria, Beauty Etsanyi Tukura, talks about her journey to the crown

EXCLUSIVE! 43rd Miss Nigeria, Beauty Etsanyi Tukura, talks about her journey to the crown

Doris Ukaonu
Beauty Queen Etsanyi Tukura (miss Nigeria 2019)

The reign of the 43rd Miss Nigeria, Beauty Etsanyi Tukura, is barely at its embryo stage but we can attest to an auspicious and cutting-edge drive throughout her time in office.

Etsanyi Tukura was officially signed today,  December 3rd, into the Green Girl project, an aegis of the Miss Nigeria pageant. 

The Green-Girl Project is a social enterprise aimed at empowering young women to become facilitators of sustainable practices that build peaceful and economically viable communities in Africa.

In a brief interview with,  Etsanyi Tukura highlights her goals as the 43rd Miss Nigeria, with regards to women empowerment programmes and how she intends to incorporate her law degree into entertainment.

Question- Lawyer turned beauty queen, how did that happen? 

Law integrates in every way, in every field. And then the beauty queen thing, it’s just a natural love. Growing up, a little girl who is looking at the TV, seeing beauty queens looking beautiful in and out and still on top of their careers, I realised I could still be a beauty and still have an excellent career.

Question- So how did the journey start?

It started since I was in primary school. I won the beauty pageant in my primary school, likewise secondary school. I also won the Most Beautiful Girl in Taraba State and here I am, Miss Nigeria. When it was time for me to pick a course at the university, I told my dad I wanted to do a career course because I don’t want to be a regular girl.

Question-Do you plan to do anything in the Law field eventually?

O yes definitely! My area of focus for law is going to be International Law, I am going to pursue that in my Master’s Degree and PhD in the future.

Question- You said law is integrated with every field, so how do you plan to fuse your knowledge of law and the Miss Nigeria platform to uplift women in Nigeria?

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Well, there are so many people who are ignorant about little laws that concern them, I could lend a voice to that. And then also Miss Nigeria falls under entertainment and as you know, Entertainment law is not so economized in the country, so I could also build on that

Question- With this platform that you are on, and the other charities that you will be working with to raise girls, what message would you give to the girl child?

Well, I like to tell the girl child that she can dream, she can be all she wants to be. All she needs to do is believe in herself, be confident and learn to say no to people who discourage her cause I was once in those shoes. A lot of people tried to talk me down, saying you can’t do this or that but I maintained my ground. It is important for the girl child to know what she wants and why she wants what she wants.



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