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Microsoft is set to kill its virtual assistant on iOS & Android in 2020

Microsoft is set to kill its virtual assistant on iOS & Android in 2020

Microsoft's virtual assistant

Thanks to the rise in popularity of smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod, virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri have become the foremost virtual assistants in the world today, leaving behind Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana.

Unfortunately for Cortana users on iOS and Android devices, it seems that come 2020, Microsoft will be killing off support for the app. According to a post on Microsoft’s support page, the company noted that on the 31st of January, 2020, they will be ending support for Cortana on iOS and Android.

“To make your personal digital assistant as helpful as possible, we’re integrating Cortana into your Microsoft 365 productivity apps. As part of this evolution, on January 31st, 2020, we’re ending support for the Cortana app on Android and iOS in your market. At that point, the Cortana content you created–such as reminders and lists–will no longer function in the Cortana mobile app or Microsoft Launcher, but can still be accessed through Cortana on Windows.”

Despite being available on Android and iOS since 2015, it’s clear that Cortana has faced stiff competition from the far more integrated Siri and Google Assistant on mobile devices.

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With this in mind, it is safe to say that now might be the time to migrate from Cortana if you are using the voice assistant.

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