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Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria

Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria

Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria

At the young age of 15, Chukwuka Noah Akaeze I, lost his father on the 5th of January, 2016, after he was kidnapped by alleged Fulani herdsmen for a N100 million ransom.

His father, Obi Akaeze Edward Ofulue III, was the king of Ubulu-Uku Kingdom in Delta State, following the vacancy of leadership in the Kingdom, the successor to the throne, his young son had to take up the position.

However, at the time of this arrangement, Chukwuka was still in a secondary school in the UK and wasn’t set to return to Nigeria till he was 20 or 21 years old.  Therefore, his uncle Anthony Ofulue was chosen to act as his Regent until Obi Chukwuka’s return.

Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria

Contrary to popular belief, Dein of Agbor Kingdom is the youngest crowned King in History. His name is Benjamin Ikenchukwu, but he is addressed by his ruling Name Dein, and his Royal title KEAGBOREKUZI 1

Benjamin Ikenchukwu ascended the throne after the unfortunate death of his father in 1979. He was 2 years and four months when his father died. He grew up and studied in Buckingham Palace UK for 27 years before finally returning to his Kingdom in the year 2000

The record of the AGBOR Monarch as the youngest Monarch was recorded in the Guinness Book of record in 1981.

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Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria

During his reign, his splendour and charisma earned him respect among traditional rulers in Africa and the world at large. He was awarded the youngest Chancellor in Nigeria and also as the chancellor of African Union University Cotonou, Benin Republic.

Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria

We do hope that King Chukwuka Obi is a memorable and great ruler for the people of Ubulu-Uku in Delta State

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