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Meet Nims Obunge, the British-Nigerian running for London’s Mayoral Office

Meet Nims Obunge, the British-Nigerian running for London’s Mayoral Office

Nims Obunge

It’s always great news when Nigerians make major moves home or abroad.

Born in 1965 to Nigerian parents in West London, Nims Obunge is the Pastor at the Freedom’s Ark Church, in Tottenham, and Chief Executive of the Peace Alliance, a charity organisation which created London’s annual Week of Peace.

Talked into running for London’s Office of the mayor, Obunge is the newest independent candidate in the race alongside the incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan of the Labour party, Shaun Bailey of the Conservative Party, Siân Berry of the Green Party, Siobhan Benita of the Liberal Democrats amongst others.

As an independent candidate, rooting out violent crime is what motivates him and he hopes to achieve the feat by recruiting empowering officers. According to Nims Obunge, Londoners care more about battling the violent crimes which have destroyed the reputation of the city in recent years rather than being a victim of Brexit.

In his words;

“My position on Brexit is quite simple. In the next few weeks it’ll be over whether we’re in or out and what it looks like. What is most important for us is that Londoners want the city clean of voilent crimes. Londoners don’t want the city to be a victim of Brexit, irrespective of what the position is. And the mayor of London has a responsibility to ensure that this city remains resilient.”

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Nims Obunge has served in different roles over the past 30 years across London working as a financial adviser, Pastor of Freedom’s Ark, CEO of the Peace Alliance, and a board member for different government agencies including the London Criminal Justice Partnership.

He was awarded MBE by the Queen of England in 2008 for services to community relations through the Peace Alliance. His charity work has led to him sitting on Home Office round tables about knife crime with Theresa May and David Cameron, and put him on the path towards City Hall.

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