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Lady Gaga reveals ‘extra crazy’ plans for 2020

Lady Gaga reveals ‘extra crazy’ plans for 2020

Doris Ukaonu
Lady Gaga reveals ‘extra crazy’ plans for 2020

In a video segment with YouTube outlet, NikkieTutorials, Lady Gaga mentioned that she has many ‘crazy’ plans for the next decade that includes both her personal and professional life.

”I wanna do more movies, I wanna have babies and I want to continue to build the behemoth that is Haus Laboratories into the makeup company of my dreams.” said the 33-year-old singer.

The singer also said that she won’t be retiring soon but will span her talent across different types of music genres.

”I’m living my inspirations right now, in this moment. When I get inspired, I do things right away”.

”There will be tons of crazy things that I do over the next decade. I just don’t know exactly what they are, which is why they’ll be extra crazy.”

The ‘Star is Born’ actress who launched her  Haus Laboratories cosmetics in 2018 showed off some of her products during the video segment. 

She explained further her love for make-up saying ”I love make-up. I’ve discovered myself through make-up, that’s what made me feel beautiful, that’s what made me invent Lady Gaga, because I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘I don’t like what I see and I don’t feel good on the inside, so I’m just gonna start painting now, and I’m gonna make something that I like.”

Gaga hopes that her cosmetic products give people the same confidence boost when they try it.

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Lady Gaga reveals ‘extra crazy’ plans for 2020

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