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iPhones can now serve as a Google security key

iPhones can now serve as a Google security key

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In recent times, the use of 2FA (two-factor authentication) has been encouraged because it offers a more secure way of logging into your accounts. However, despite its high-security levels, it is still not 100% secure because some methods that involve sending codes over SMS can also be hijacked, which is why security keys exist. On the flip side, the problem with security keys is that you need to carry them with you, which can be bothering.

That said, the good news for iPhone users is that you won’t have to anymore, at least if you are using a Google account. Google has recently updated its Smart Lock app for iOS devices which now notes that iPhone users can use their devices like a Google security key. Once it’s set up, attempting to log in to a Google service on, say, a laptop, will generate a push notification on your nearby iPhone.

In spite of this, conditions such as using the Smart Lock app with Google accounts and logging into them through Google Chrome are required. You will also require Bluetooth enabled on both your phone and computer. This means that if you want to use a security key with other online accounts, you might be out of luck.

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This isn’t exactly a new feature as previously, Google had allowed Android devices running on Android 7.0 and above to use their phones as a security key, so it looks like it is finally available for the iPhone.

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