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iOS 13.3.1 to address iPhone 11 privacy issues

iOS 13.3.1 to address iPhone 11 privacy issues

iPhone 11

After Apple launched the iPhone 11 last year, there was a bit of controversy surrounding the privacy policy, where many stated that the phone tracked their location without their consent. Apple later explained that this was due to the use of its U1 ultra-wideband chip that made its debut in the iPhone 11 series.

That said, the good news is that in the beta of iOS 13.3.1, it has been discovered that Apple will be adding in a toggle switch that will allow users to completely disable it. Spotted by Brandon Butch, the second iOS 13.3.1 beta brings that toggle and it is labelled as “Networking & Wireless” under Privacy > Locations Services > System Services.

Nonetheless, it is pertinent to note that turning off the chip could have some side-effects on the functionality of your device, so disabling it could also render the device somewhat useless.

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