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Intel & MediaTek partners to bring 5G connectivity to PCs

Intel & MediaTek partners to bring 5G connectivity to PCs


Our laptop connectivity has evolved greatly from the early days when we needed to connect a cable to our laptops to get internet. These days, we are given more options such as WiFi or even cellular connectivity, we even have laptops that come with the option of connecting to the internet over 4G networks.

As such, it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that in the future, we might even be able to connect our computers to the internet over 5G, and it looks like Intel and MediaTek are hoping to pave the way to that future. Both companies recently announced that they will be working together to bring 5G to PCs.

However, Intel’s role in this isn’t about designing the modem itself because the company had sold its modem business to Apple, instead, Intel’s role will be about “defining” what a 5G PC should look like, while MediaTek will be the one responsible for developing the 5G chip for such devices.

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According to both companies, they are estimating that the first 5G PC as a result of their partnership should be arriving in 2021. How this will stack up against Qualcomm’s own 5G efforts is yet to be seen, as the company is currently dominating the market when it comes to mobile 5G modems and technology, but we assume the partnership between Intel and MediaTek will forge a strong competition for Qualcomm.

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