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Domestic Flight tickets set to sky rocket this christmas

Domestic Flight tickets set to sky rocket this christmas

Doris Ukaonu

Christmas is coming and while there have been black Friday sales for some businesses, some others experience a hike in the price of their goods and services.

One of such departments swallowed by the Xmas surge is the Nigerian Aviation industry.

Punch Nigeria reported on Friday, the 29th of November that in the last two weeks, domestic flight tickets have increased by 100 per cent.

Also observed, was that some flight tickets between December 20 and 28, have been sold.

At the start of November, domestic flight tickets for economy class were sold between N25, 000 and N27, 000, while business class sold between N53, 000 and N75, 000.

Now, ticket prices for economy are at N58, 000 while business class ranges from N85, 000 and above.

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For a round trip, the price of an economy ticket was N48, 000 as at the end of October, but now it is about N120, 000 depending on your route.

Will you be flying this Christmas? If yes, you should have booked your flight before now, otherwise, the trip might be a lot more than you bargained for.

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