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Here’s how Instagram uses AI to choose content for your ‘Explore’ tab

Here’s how Instagram uses AI to choose content for your ‘Explore’ tab


Have you ever wondered how you get the perfect recommendations when you try to explore new content on Instagram? Well, Instagram recently shared how its app uses artificial intelligence (AI), to help users explore the best content and keep them away from irrelevant posts.

According to Instagram engineers in a Facebook blog post, released on Monday the 25th of November, 2019, they explicitly defined how the Instagram “Explore” tab is filled up with suggested content/posts from users across the globe.

In case you missed it, the explore content are the different posts that pop up, before you head to search for something on Instagram. It appears when you click on the magnifying glass tab, at the bottom of the Instagram app.

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As stated by the engineers, Instagram uses AI to curate and filter posts for every account, using the users’ interests as the context to optimize the algorithm thereby constantly giving users fresh and quality suggestions that they would like and potentially interact with.

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Although there are no details on how the photo-sharing app tackles spam or misinformation, however, a piece of well-detailed information on how the company uses AI to tailor specific contents to its billions of users is a clear indication it has the best interests of its users at heart.

You can learn more about the technical details in their official blog post.

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