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A Simple Guide to Healthy Living

A Simple Guide to Healthy Living

Doris Ukaonu
A Simple Guide to Healthy Living
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Being stressed out regularly leaves us feeling frustrated on a daily basis, unable to carry out our tasks effectively at work or constantly having interpersonal conflicts, which may sometimes be hostile. To avoid feeling stressed, we need to develop healthy habits.
Healthy habits are behaviors that benefit ones physical, mental and emotional health. These habits improve ones overall well-being and make one feel good. Healthy habits can be difficult to develop and often require changing one’s mindset. But if willing to make sacrifices to better their health, the impact can be far-reaching, regardless of one’s age, sex, or physical ability. Here are five guides to healthy living.
1: Good Nutrition: Eat a balanced diet that includes a good breakfast. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Use healthy vegetable oils and eat meals high in protein.
Avoid fast foods, processed foods, and trans and saturated fats.
2: Get Regular Exercise: Take your physical health seriously. Start getting in shape now. Most people say that they started feeling old when they could not keep up with their usual physical activities. It is easier to maintain good physical health than to try to get it back,
3: Adopt a Better Attitude: Having a positive attitude means embracing longevity and not being afraid of the future. It’s okay being an optimist. Studies show that optimistic people live longer and do better at school and work. Avoid stress, negativity, and holding on to grudges.
4: Build Strong Relationships: People who have a strong social support network avoid loneliness and depression. That can also lead to a longer, healthier, more rewarding life.
It’s okay to have multiple circles of relationships. These could include your family circle, your religious fellowships, and friends from work or school. By cultivating multiple circles of relationships, you are not too dependent on just one group. It’s also healthy to have relationships in different age groups. Don’t just keep to your own age group. Include older relationships for their experience and wisdom. Include youthful relationships for their fresh perspective and energy. Avoiding isolation, closed-mindedness, and negativity.
5. Meditation: Its important to learn how to meditate. Meditation can be as simple as taking a few minutes for reflection in the middle of a busy day.If one can follow these guidelines, then one is ready to live a healthier life.
Deciding to follow these healthy living guidelines will benefit ones physical and mental health thereby making you feel good and relaxed.. “Most of us are going to live longer than we ever expected. We need to embrace that longevity and develop healthy habits to live well for a longer lifetime,” urges Plasker.
This article was written by Princewill Ahante

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