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Groundnut Soup

Groundnut Soup

, Groundnut Soup
Groundnut Soup. Credit: The Kitchen Muse.

Groundnut soup—called peanut soup by a few—is a staple food in Nigerian cuisine. Although it originated from northern Nigeria, where it is called miyar gyada, it now appears on tables in other parts of Nigeria and extends into Ghana, Taiwan in East Asia, Virginia in the United States, and regions in Latin America.

Groundnut soup has a light brown colour and thick texture—or watery texture, depending on choice. It is mostly prepared with vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, shaki (cow tripe), smoked turkey, palm oil, fresh or ground pepper, crayfish, onion, ginger, seasoning cubes, and salt.

First, the groundnuts are put in a frying pan and, while stirred intermittently to avoid burning, left to roast on medium heat for about five minutes. This helps to squeeze the oil out of the groundnuts. When the groundnuts turn brown, they are taken off the pan and put away to cool off.

After the meat of choice is washed and put in a pot, salt, seasoning cubes, onion, pepper, ginger, and water are added.  The pot is left on the fire to boil for about forty minutes.

After cooling, the groundnuts are poured into a coffee blender and ground into powdery form. Mortar and pestle can be used, too, to do this.

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, Groundnut Soup
Garau-garau. Credit:

When the meat softens, the groundnut paste, crayfish, and palm oil are added. This mixture is cooked for about 10 to 12 minutes. The paste is what thickens the soup. Depending on a person’s choice, pouring water into the pot lessens the thickness of the soup. After that, the vegetable is added and cooked for about two minutes..

Groundnut soup can serve as topping on white rice or be eaten with pounded yam, fufu, eba, banku, and kenkey, among others. It is a rich source of protein and a nutritious meal for pregnant and nursing women.

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