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Google Will Pay You N543 Million To Hack Their Pixel Smartphones

Google Will Pay You N543 Million To Hack Their Pixel Smartphones

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Google has announced that it is willing to dole out cash rewards of up to $1.5 million (N543,548,620.40), if security researchers find and report bugs that can compromise its new Titan M security chip on their Pixel 3 and 4 lineups.

Launched last year, the Titan M chip is a separate chip that’s included in both Pixel smartphones, and is dedicated solely to processing sensitive data and processes, like Verified Boot, on-device disk encryption, lock screen protections, secure transactions, and more.

According to Google, if researchers manage to find “a full chain remote code execution exploit with persistence,” that also compromises data protected by Titan M, they are willing to pay up to $1 million to the bug hunter who finds it. Also, if the exploit chain works against a preview version of the Android OS, the reward can go up to $1.5 million.

Google started its bug bounty hunter programme for Android back in 2015, and according to the company, it has awarded over 1,800 reports in the last four years, which totals to $4 million.                                                                     In 2019 alone, the multinational tech company, paid over $1.5 million to those that have pointed out vulnerabilities in its systems. The highest amount received was $161,337 (N58, 484,662.50)

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