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Google Photos is testing a print subscription service

Google Photos is testing a print subscription service

Google Photos

Digital photos are great because they don’t take up physical space and can also be accessed from anywhere. However, some might argue that holding and looking through physical photos can feel a lot better and more personal. If you’re interested in getting your digital photos printed, Google Photos might have something for you.

According to new reports, it appears that Google could be testing a Google Photos service that prints your photos for you. For an $8-a-month subscription fee, Google will allow users to receive 10 of their best photos automatically chosen by Google every month.

Users can tailor that selection by choosing from three themes – people and pets, landscapes or “a little bit of everything” – and the search giant will send out 4×6-inch shots with a one-eighth-inch border, printed on matte white cardstock.

Interestingly enough, this feels like Google could be leveraging some of the tech from Google Clips, its AI-powered camera that has been trained to capture your “best” moments, or in this case, select your best photos from the last 30 days.

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At the moment, the test mode is ongoing in the USA and it is unclear if there are plans to roll it out to everyone, but what do you think? Is this a service you might be interested in?

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