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Google Photos Enabled With In-App Messaging Feature

Google Photos Enabled With In-App Messaging Feature

, Google Photos Enabled With In-App Messaging Feature

One of the features of Google Photos is the ability to share photos by creating albums and adding them to it. For the most part, it works, but what if you only wanted to share a couple of photos? Thankfully, Google seems to have found a solution to that problem in the form of an in-app messaging feature.

If you use Google Photos, then you will be pleased to learn that Google has recently introduced a new feature where users can message each other through the platform. In a way, this is similar to how YouTube’s messaging feature used to work, where users could chat with each other and share videos directly in messages to each other (although the feature was later killed off).

According to Google,

“You’ve always been able to share individual photos through the app by creating an album for a single photo and sharing the link. But we’ve heard from some of you that this could be a simpler experience, so now when you share one-off photos and videos, you’ll have the option to add them to an ongoing, private conversation in the app. This gives you one place to find the moments you’ve shared with your friends and family and keep the conversation going.”

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, Google Photos Enabled With In-App Messaging Feature
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The feature is expected to begin rolling out to all versions of Google Photos, including iOS, Android, and the web. It will be rolled out in stages over the next week or so, so you can keep an eye out for it.

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